Coming Soon: English Online 09-16 May 2021 Via ZOOM

Qi Class: ENGLISH language

Dear Qi alumni & interest parties,
Following the great success of our previous Qi classes in English online via Zoom, we request for your blessings in opening a new Qi class in English language, also online via Zoom.

Circulation of Qi for Health®
Training in English language
Registration is now open

Class Schedule:
Dates: 09 May – 16 May 2021
(Sunday to Sunday, 8 days nonstop)
(3pm – 8pm/9pm Jakarta time)
Time table: (All Jakarta time, GMT+7)
09 May 15:00~20:00
10 May 15:00~20:00
11 May 15:00~20:00
12 May 15:00~20:00
13 May 15:00~21:00
14 May 15:00~21:00
15 May 15:00~21:00
16 May 15:00~21:00

Register to:
Mr. Budiman +62.816.117.2188 (WhatsApp/WeChat)
Giving your details as follows:
1. Full name: ________
(your name will be printed on your Certificate after graduation)
2. Email address: ________
(email will be used to send Zoom link for you to join the class after fee has been transferred to us)
3. Mobile number: ________

Fee is USD390/person payable at registration made via PayPal in USD.
Others can remit payment to our Fee-Pooling bank account in Hong Kong, HKD3038.
(Account no. will only be given to you at the time of registration.)

Budiman Handjaja M.Sc. Physiology
University of London
England, UK.

You can join our online Qi training in English with Zoom directly from the comfort of your own place, using your smartphone or laptop computer that has a camera. You no longer need to fly to Jakarta to sit in a classroom full of people as we are still not free from the Covid-19 pandemic, also saving you from all the traveling hassles.
No matter where you are right now, use this opportunity to join our Qi English online class to achieve a better health for yourself. Take charge of your health and learn Circulation of Qi training.

Thank you for your all-time support and hope to see you in the class.

Qi Inside Me