Coming Soon: English, USA, 08-14 Dec 2019, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Paul And Sheila Wellstone Center For Cmmunity Building

Dear all Qi Alumni and interested parties,

Thank you for your support all these years for our Circulation of Qi for Health training (Qi meditation training). As of September 2019, we have trained up to 15,000 people in Asia. Many have come from other continents, including from Australia, Europe, and North America, and I have seen every one of them gained health benefits from the training.

I will be returning to the USA in late November, and am announcing the reopening of Qi training class in December, in America. If any of you have family, friends, or colleagues, especially those who reside in the US, whom you think might be interested to participate in this training, please introduce them to contact me:
WhatsApp only: +1 651 352 0440
WhatsApp only: +62 816 117 2188

December  08 – 14,  2019

Budiman Handjaja, M.Sc., Physiology
University of London, England, UK

Paul and Sheila Wellstone Center for Community Building
Second Floor, Meeting Room 271 A
179 Robie Street East, Saint Paul, Minnesota, MN 55107
(Free parking available in the ramp)

Time Table:
Dec 07 Saturday         Arriving St. Paul, Minnesota.
Dec 08 Sunday             12:00 Noon ~ 17:00 (till end)
Dec 09 Monday            10:00 ~ 15:00 (till end)
Dec 10 Tuesday           10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
Dec 11 Wednesday     10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
Dec 12 Thursday         10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
Dec 13 Friday               10:00 ~ 17:00 (till end)
Dec 14 Saturday          10:00 ~ 18:00 (till end)
Dec 15 Sunday            No class, free to leave St. Paul.

Due to the building fire code, we are limited to only 17 seats available for registration in room 271 A (See class details, and picture of venue, in attachments). With a small class, we will have more person-to-person interaction during the training. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, and names are already starting to come in. Do not miss this precious opportunity to participate!
Check on our website:

Thank you for your kind attention.

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