Next Class: In English 24Feb-02Mar 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia.

SCBD SUITES site mapDear all Qi alumni and interested parties,

Thank you for your support of our Circulation of Qi for Health training all these years. As of 2018, we have trained up to 14,000 people in Jakarta, Indonesia. Many have come from overseas, including from Australia, Europe, and North America, and I have seen every one of them gain health benefits from the training.

We are, hereby, announcing the opening of the very first 2019 Qi class in English, in Jakarta:

Circulation of “Qi” for Health®

24 February – 02 March 2019
A 7-days 8-Sessions continuous class
(See time table below).

Classes in English language are designed for Overseas, Expatriates, Non-Bahasa Indonesia, English-speaking students only. Classes are conducted for 7 days 8 sessions NON-STOP (including Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays).

Time Table:

23/Feb Saturday          Arriving Jakarta
24/Feb Sunday            10:00 ~ 15:00 (till end)
25/Feb Monday           10:00 ~ 15:00 (till end)
26/Feb Tuesday          10:00 ~ 15:00 (till end)
27/Feb Wednesday    10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
28/Feb Thursday        10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
01/Mar Friday              10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end)
02/Mar Saturday        10:00 ~ 16:00 (till end) + 17:00 ~ 22:00 (till end)
03/Mar Sunday            No more class, free to leave Jakarta.

Important note:

We DO NOT recommend you to go back to your country on 02/Mar taking night flight, for you will be missing some important topics in the evening class which will only end 10:00pm at the earliest.

SCBD SUITES Apartment Building
Ground floor, Multi Function Room
(Room is very quiet/soundproof, wall to wall carpet, and central air conditioned)

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53
Kawasan SCBD Sudirman Lot 23 B
Sudirman Central Business District

Budiman Handjaja M.Sc. (Physiology)
University Of London, England, UK.

Anyone who would like to join the training, please register directly to me as soon as possible by providing me the details of each person you register:
Full name: __________________
(Name to be printed on the Certificate upon Graduation)
Email address: __________________
Mobile/WhatsApp number: __________________

For further information and registration, please contact:
Mr. Budiman – Text/WhatsApp: +62-816-117-2188

Ms. Wike – WhatsApp: +62-811-95-1956

Important notice: We do not charge you any booking/registration fee, absolutely no payment at all until you actually come to join the class, so please be considerate and keep your commitment to join the class when you have registered. Should you have to cancel your registration, please notify us as early as possible so that we have enough time to assign your empty seat to somebody else in the waiting-list who is willing to participate in this training. Thank you.

Please help us distribute this message to people who you think might be interested to join the training to become healthier. Thank you for your continuous support.

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