Testimonial 27 DJ Mikey Moran

Michaelangelo Francisco Moran
(DJ Mikey Moran)
Joined Qi Class P235-SCBD
20 – 26 November 2016
SCBD SUITES, Sudirman, Jakarta.

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So I’ve just had a life changing experience this past week and I feel that I need to share this. I have just gone through a course learning how to build the circulation of your Qi. Qi is life-force energy, we’ve always had it because without it we basically don’t live, and as you get older, this energy cannot be delivered to all parts of the body because of blocked meridians and therefore causes illnesses/ailments. By taking this course by Pak Budiman, an Indonesian who has learnt the technique from the chinese masters themselves, you learn to unlock the full circulation of your Qi through connecting your Ren and Du meridians to reach Tong Guan and microcosmic circulation. Based on accupuncture points and traditional chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years, Tong Guan is the process of returning the postnatal body back to its prenatal form – aka all your ailments/sickness will disappear like you were a baby.

I know I must sound like a crazy person – Mikey’s lost the plot LOL. Trust me I was actually really skeptical in the beginning. I’ve even tried other types of meditation that hasn’t really quite fully worked for me so i didn’t know whether this would be effective. But I managed to reach Tong Guan in 4 days and my body has definitely felt the effects. I’ve been really sick this year to the point where mentally i really thought i wasn’t gonna make it and with multiple check ups, doctors haven’t been able to figure me out, but through this practice im already feeling a lot better and the pain has gone away.


This training is also very good to improve, and heal, chronic diseases that are difficult to cure just by simply relying on taking drugs/medicines. There are about 80 types of chronic diseases that can be cured with this training, for example: stress and anxiety, high blood pressure, heart/vascular disease, diabetes, ulcer disease, digestive problems, liver problems, kidney problems, male/female sexual dysfunction and infertility, lung, stroke, shoulder/waist/back problems, dementia/forgetfulness, rheumatism, and a variety of health problems that arise due to an imbalance of hormones of the body such as cysts, myoma, tumor, and even cancer (early stage). What it cannot do is to cure you from bacteria/viruses. You can google the benefits of Qi gong for more information.

There are no drugs involved, no medication, no mantras, or anything in this practice, it just involves knowing what to do with your breathing and your mind. What i took was a crash course and i really had to focus and meditate outside of class to reach this state of Tong Guan.


Since 2004, Pak Budiman has taught over 10,000 people from government officials, doctors, and other high ranking officers. THIS DUDE IS SO AMAZING! With a physiological degree, he teaches in such a scientific and systematic manner that its very easy to understand and it all makes sense. You will learn not only about the technique but about your all body organs like your heart, your brain, meridians, digestive systems, your various nervous systems, etc and the connection between them. It will push you to lead a healthier life as you are more knowledgeable about your body.

People also have flown from the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, and other places of the sorts to learn this practice. You have to give up a week to learn this but it is a practice for life to gain real health benefits and the training is right here in SCBD, Jakarta available in English and Indonesian.

Thank you for reading this long post, i know meditation is not for everyone but I truly truly believe i need to share because its such an eye opener and everyone can learn this technique and benefit, its for all ages so if you would like to more information, please message me and i’ll share with you my experience and a chance to learn.
Just fyi, the next session starts February 26th 2017.

Would like to thank Pak Budiman and team for such an extraordinary experience.
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