Testimonial 39 – Priscilla Ku Kei Kwan

Priscilla Ku Kei Kwan joined Circulation of Qi for Health virtual class online via Zoom
14-21 November 2021, Class of P324, in English language.

I received this short text message from Priscilla Ku Kei Kwan via WhatsApp on 21st November 2021:
“Mr. Budiman, for your info., I have written 2 articles in 香港經濟日報The Hong Kong Economic Times daily newspaper to promote your class”. See below.”

Thank you Priscilla.

Qi Inside Me

(With the help of Google Translate, scripts in Chinese are all directly translated into English language. Apologize for improper use of grammar and sentencing.)

Article 1.


雖然我很驕傲,但也不好意思常常在人前講起,我的特異功能是「睡覺」!隨隨便便八至10個鐘一覺,斷斷續續又再可以加睡幾云!現在身邊人經常遇到失眠的問題,睡眠變成一種非常奢侈,無比渴求的慾望! 今天遇到一位仁兄, 40歲左右的年紀,經已有失眠20年的習慣!現在還加上有抑鬱,衍生成依賴酒精,甚至藥物方可入睡!他這樣的例子,變得尋常!由於工作壓力,生活緊張,於是對自己有要求的人,越是無法放鬆,最簡單的身體素求,卻無法實現! 這個束着非洲人髮型,穿着衝浪漢子衣服的人,其實是個大公司的COO,當他講起氣功的時候,總覺得與眼前的畫面格格不入!此君興致勃勃講起不過數月之前開始接觸一個氣功課程,最初也是朋友介紹,連他自己也不敢相信竟然與氣功這兩個字掛鉤!為了上這個課,他要努力組織一個30人的班,才可以被導師首肯授課,有可能因為自己本身毛病多多,若能調整,總覺值得,姑且一試!於是每天早上六點起床,乖乖上課。第一課聽他說,靜坐不到15秒,就要彈起來!到最後八堂課上完了,連他自己也不敢相信,竟然可以靜坐一個半小時!據說,他整個人無論氣息,講說話的力量,以致脾性,睡眠質素,通通有所改善!這個亦是他毫不吝嗇跟別人分享的原因! 先至聲明,我與這個課程冇任何關係,亦冇任何利益瓜葛!希望大家自行詳細分析,並在這裏註明,課程是以英語授課。 http://circulationofqiforhealth.org

Article 1.
(This article has been published on The Hong Kong Economic Times daily newspaper 30 September 2021)

Topic: Qigong
Although I am very proud of myself, but I am embarrassed to tell people my ‘supernatural’ (extraordinary) ability. My supernatural power is “sleeping”! Anytime, anywhere, I can easily sleep for 8 to 10 hours, on top of that, intermittently, I am capable to get some more sleeps!
Nowadays, we often find people around us encounter the problem of insomnia, and good sleep has become a luxury, and an extremely craved desire!

I met a dear friend today, who is about 40 years old and has been in the habit of insomnia for 20 years! Now, with the addition of depression, it has led him to be alcohol dependent and even drugs (sleeping pills) before he can fall asleep! This has become his daily norm! Nowadays, due to work loads, work pressure, and stress in life, those who demands to progress in career, the more they are unable to relax, and yet, the simplest basic requirement of physical health cannot be realized! This guy, with an African hairstyle, and very simple clothing, is actually the COO of a big company. At the time when he talks about qigong, one can easily feels that his description about qigong is completely incompatible with his own appearance! This gentleman was so enthusiastic and very excited to talk about a qigong course that, only a few months ago, he joined (participated). At first, he was also introduced by a friend, and then, even he himself could not believe that he can have anything to be connected to qigong! In order to take this class, he has to work hard to organize a group of 30-person for the class before he can get approval from the tutor to have the class on the go. May be due to his own health problems (requirements), he gave it a try with an expectation that it can be worthwhile. He gave it a try anyway!

He woke up at 6am every morning and go to (virtual) class obediently. In the first lesson, I heard him say that, he couldn’t even sit still for 15 seconds! But by the end of the 8-day course, he couldn’t believe himself that he could sit still for one and a half hour straight! Heard that, now, his breath, his voice strength, his temperament, and his sleeping quality have all improved! This is the reason why he is so enthusiastically wants to share his experience with others!

Let me (the author) declare here that I have no relationship whatsoever with this course, and have no interest in it at all! I want everyone who reads this article to analyze it in detail yourself, and note that the course is given in English language. See their website: http://circulationofqiforhealth.org


Article 2.
題: 氣功班!!

之前在這裏介紹過一個氣功班,自己未上過,由於時差問題,早上六點網上上課,本以為應該沒什麼可能?豈料,又與一位醫生朋友聊起,她也上過這課程,第二天發來連線,就竟然恰巧因為主講人到了亞洲,緣份到了,未可錯失! 氣功班連續八天,每天六小時上課。在這段日子裏,因為搬家,孩子裝修,推廣藝術文化項目,兼準備新珠寶系列⋯,幾近不可能的情況下,我硬是報了名! 上課之後,這方才發現,除了該6小時課堂時間,還需另加每天大約2小時的冥想!是把自己拉得有點盡,但值得!以往,從數次禪修活動中,學習過靜坐和冥想。不同於其他,這裏有更多理論,數據和科學分析,感覺更大的幫助。裏面主要提到我們從小就聽到的⋯「要打通任督二脈!」非常港產武俠片的對白,知道原來真有其事,並與身體各器官的關係原來如此重要!終於明白為什麼有那麼多人會練氣功! 何謂陰陽,五行等的理論,同班裏大部份的外藉同學都很用心去了解。大家最希望的結果,就是能夠通關,將生下來就閉上了的原氣打開!這種透過鍛鍊而達至的境界是否每個人都可以得到,我不敢說!但能夠放下急速,焦慮的心情,靜下來專注呼氣(為什麼不是呼吸,只能賣個關子),肯定有所裨益!睡得好!心情好!不就是會身體好嗎?
This article published on The Hong Kong Economic Times daily newspaper, Friday, 26 November 2021.

Article 2.
Topic: Qigong class!!

I have introduced a qigong class here before (September 2021). I have never attended it.

Due to time zone difference, joining the class online starting at 6am in the morning will be an impossible thing for me to do.
Unexpectedly, I chatted with a doctor friend one day, again she also took this course. The next day, she sent me a broadcast message. It happened that the speaker (tutor) was in Asia (opening class in Asia time zone), and I thought my fate (time/luck) has come, I shouldn’t miss it this time!
The Qigong class lasted for 8 consecutive days, 6 hours daily. During that period of time, due to house moving, renovation works by my children, promoting art and cultural projects, and preparing a new series of jewelry for display, in such an almost impossibly busy-ness, I forced myself to sign up to the class anyway!
When the class started, I discovered that in addition to the 6 hours of class time, about 2 hours of meditation a day are needed! The condition has really pulled (pushed) myself a bit tight, but it’s worth it!
In the past, I have learned a few types of meditation. This one is different, in this meditation, there are more theories, statistic data, and scientific analysis, which feels and becomes more helpful in understanding. It does explain to us about what we have heard since we were young, “Opening up REN & DU Meridians“, it is a very common dialogue in a Hong Kong-made martial arts movies, and it seems that it is true/real, not just legend, and also its important relationship with the various organs and systems of the body. Now, I finally understand why there are so many people practice qigong! The theories of YIN and YANG, the FIVE ELEMENTS, etc., can be well understood even by many of the foreign students in my class. The most expected result that everyone hopes to get is TONG GUAN (successfully opening up the gates) and recreate the long lost (since toddler age) Circulation of Qi (energy) to flow again! I dare not say whether through this meditation practice, this kind of realm can be achieved or obtained by everyone, but just being able to let go one’s superfast pace of life, the imminent anxious mood, to calm down, and focusing on exhaling, (why not the breath, am going to keep it secret here), it will definitely give benefits to our health!

Being able to sleep well, always in a good mood, isn’t that just what everyone needs to stay healthy?