Testimonial 17 Colonel (Ret) David Lim Yeow Pheng

Testimoni ini saya terima via email pada tgl. 24 Juli 2013 dari Colonel (Ret) David Lim Yeow Pheng, peserta pelatihan Circulation of “Qi” for Health®, Kelas Angkatan P167-SCBD (tgl. 11 – 22 Juli 2013) di Gedung SCBD SUITES, Kawasan Niaga SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta.

From: Col (Ret) Lim Yeow Pheng <yeowpheng@xxxxxxxx.com.sg>
To: budiman2222@yahoo.com
Cc: Michelle Lianto <michellelianto@xxxxxxxxx.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2013 9:06 PM
Subject: Testimonial by Col ( Ret ) & Mrs David Lim – Class 167 (updated version)

As we complete the 167th course today, 22 Jul 2013, we respectfully would like to put on record the Love and Sharing by Pak Budiman Handjaja on the art of “Circulation of Qi for Health”. The course is of an extremely high professional standard, with an excellent instructor who laboured through the course with us for 12 days. Sometimes, we wondered where his energy came from. Pak Budi spoke to us continuously for at least 2 hours daily, with a memory bank larger than the biggest bytes in the computer system. It’s Qi which was cultivated by Pak Budi over the years. Throughout the course, Pak Budiman not only conducted his lessons with professionalism and full of in-depth knowledge, but he displayed an attitude of “a master who was always willing to share”, irrespective of how questions and experiences are put forward. I salute you Pak Budi!!































































































































My wife, Michelle, and I have been practicing Qigong for the last 10 years using the “Macrocosmic Orbit” method. It was not until we attended this course did we realise that there is still so much to be learnt. Pak Budi was always patient, and ensured that all his students did it the right way. This is especially challenging, given the different characteristics and personalities which ranged from our different ages and experiences. He never looked tired after the 4-5 hours session each day. He took it all in his stride. Pak Budi’s staff was ever ready with the logistic and administrative arrangement to the minute details – ever ready with a smile and a helping hand. Our most sincere thanks and congratulations to the entire team!































































































































In my 10 years of Qigong training, I have never been able to do more than 15 minutes meditation exercise, in the still form. We are now confident that we can sit still and do the Qi meditation exercise for an hour and perhaps more, as we continue to practise. The feelings and healings that took place within our body are so magnified. I, for instance, was able to listen to Pak Budi’s lecture every day without feeling tired and a yawn. For me, this was a great achievement. I only understood about 60% of the lecture which was conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Despite the strain and eagerness, I was however kept at a comfort level. Michelle, who is trilingual, would then debrief and translate what we learned the day/night before with the pointers we noted. We moved on with enthusiasm and hoped that the time would pass slower, as we just wanted to hear more, learn more, do more.































































































































Michelle is a cancer survivor, and she too, felt very enlightened with the lecture. The “Nei Jing Tu” (内经图) to her was especially meaningful as it helped her to understand our body better.  She now speaks with greater confidence: “With this training, I’ll have no problem looking after my body and all my Cancer Cells will be put into hibernation. We may not live till 120 because we started late in “Latihan Qi”, but we will certainly live with a high spirit to a ripe old age.”































































































































Our fellow classmates are an amazing lot of people who displayed so much interests and they asked a multitude of questions that made the lessons that more interesting. We saw and heard so many invaluable comments, remarks, questions and counter questions to ensure a full understanding of the lessons. Pak Budi, through it all, was like an encyclopaedia of Qi and the seasoned mechanic of the body system! No questions went unanswered without a logical medical and/or scientific reply.































































































































The holistic, methodical approach on the way the topics were organised, certainly did help us to trace the whole process of finally reaching the “Tong Guan” stage. It helped to ensure that we will have this treasured asset with us forever – but only if we practice, practice and practice as revealed in the “Pak Qua” (八卦). Personally, at 67 I’m blessed with good medical records, but not without some aches and pain. The Qi latihan (practice) have somewhat erased some of these pain and increased the movement of Qi inside my body. My frozen shoulder, which has been troubling me for the last six to nine months, was almost healed during this course. I also have one major defect – severe deafness to both my ears – 85% on my left and 50% on my right. In my last 12 days of meditation exercises, I could feel the Qi trying to repair the damaged cells. I hope that one day soon, I’ll have the opportunity to give another testimony to report on the improved conditions on my hearing. I have complete faith in this training!































































































































In summary, on behalf of Michelle and Nana (Michelle’s sister) and with the permission from Class  No: 167, I say a BIG THANK YOU to Pak Budiman and team. Your energy and interest to help fellow human beings achieve a better health is a welcome find in today’s society. Lastly, I hope Pak Budi will accept my invitation to conduct a course in Singapore!































































































































May The Good Lord Bless You and Your Qi movement!































































































































Yours most sincerely,
































































Colonel (Ret) David Lim Yeow Pheng and Michelle Lianto