Testimonial 21 Enrique Sola-A major life event

Enrique Sola

Enrique Sola <enriquexxxxxxxx@gmail.com>
To:budiman budiman
Mar 18, 2019, at 10:17 AM

Enrique Sola, from Philippines
Joined P274 Qi Meditation training class in English
24 Feb – 02 Mar 2019
In SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dear Pak Budiman,

It was such an honor to attend your class. I was telling my mom that it feels like a major life event for me, especially understanding that Traditional Chinese Medicine actually related to how I felt.

It is difficult to explain, but in the past when I was young I had the ability to heal my wounds very quickly. I would scratch my knee in the morning then by evening it would be scabbed without any opening left. I could do this by focusing on the pin pricks in my body and directing them to my knee. I also had the ability to control my body temperature, I would get out of class because I gave myself a 38 degree fever many times. Now I am aware that that was not good.

I have been meditating regularly ever since the seminar, I have noticed that the feeling of the pin pricks all over my body has returned, just like when I was young. I can also redirect some of it but only for a short while, then I remember to focus back on my lower dantian.

Coming into the class, I had a very bad frozen shoulder that would always come back every time I slept in a bad position. Every time I meditate, I feel it get itchy and warm. By the end of my meditation my shoulder is no longer tight and I can breathe properly again. Now I find that even if I sleep in a bad position I do not get a swollen shoulder anymore.

I am now working to quit smoking, after understanding the effect it has on my lungs.

Thank you for the clarity and focus you have given me when it comes to my body. I used to accept that I would never understand the strange occurrences in my body but now I am grateful to you for enlightening me!

I will see you again soon Pak Budiman! Thank you and I wish you more success and good health in your life!