Testimonial 29 Tiffany Chan-Improved well-being, physically & spiritually

Tiffany Chan
Meditation practice
Feb 8 at 11:18 PM
Tiffany C <xxxxxxx@gmail.com>
To: budiman <budiman2222@yahoo.com>

Hi Budiman

Hope all is well in 2020.
I want to express my thanks. Your class has taught me alot about Qi meditation. It is fascinating.

I practice it with as much frequency in the past 6 months. I notice those types of meditation sensations still occur Qi dripping from the head or seeing shades of color lights even though I do not intentionally seek these sensations they come & go.

Physically, it has changed for better. Menstruation pain was a normal thing in past, nowadays, no pain in day 1 and the cycle seems a bit more regular when I practice each month. Warm hands and feet compared to ice cold hands & feet.
Spiritually it has made me feel even more gratitude, appreciation and empathy as a person. I notice that aspect seems to grow with further meditation.