Testimonial 33 – Carey Cheung, Hong Kong.

Carey Cheung
joined Circulation of Qi for Health virtual class online via Zoom
09 – 16 August, 2021, Class of P320, in English Language.
Below is her testimony, both in English, and Chinese language.
Thank you Carey.
Qi Inside MeQigong Course Experience Sharing by CAREY
I gained a lot from the Qigong course which is beneficial to my whole life. Good things have to be shared,
thus I am going to share with you my experience and feeling of participating in the course.
No Health, Everything Goes in Vain
Health is a “1”, which is the first digit in a number. We work very hard every day to earn some more “0” in the number after the “1”. No matter how many “0” you have earned, if the “1” at the beginning is missing in the number, then all “0” after it will become meaningless and valueless. The Qigong course is to help everyone lay a solid foundation for “1” which is health, so that you will have more strength and energy to fight for and earn more “0” in the future to live a better life.
The Qigong course I am recommending to you includes much more than just Qigong, because the instructor of the course Budiman is an experienced doctor with rich medical knowledge, what I have gained from the course is not just only the knowledge of Qigong, but also a better understanding of how human body works, and it has greatly benefited my life. A little sharing, the most difficult parts for participating in the course are: (1) to arrange time for class, (2) to pay attention to class and practice Qi, (3) to arrange time for sufficient practice. If you can manage to achieve the above three points, you will succeed.
Reach the Summit, Bask in your Achievements
The duration of the Qigong course is 8 days, with 6 hours of class every day for 8 consecutive days. This intensive mode may sound a bit tight and tiring. Most people said that they could not make it at the beginning, but they could also arrange their schedule in the end, so they could receive this precious gift of life. You might question why the class schedule has to be that tight and intensive, why couldn’t the 8 lessons be arranged weekly or monthly? This course is like the journey of climbing a mountain, your mind and vision will be changing with the daily lessons, it will become more and more wonderful, any pause in it will cause interruption to your learning and the result.
Quite a lot of participants found it boring and tiring in the first 3 days of class, just like climbing a mountain from the foot, one may feel it boring and think that the way is too long to go; when it came to the 4th to 6th day of class, we began to discover the excitement, everyone became more and more engaged, just like reaching the mountainside, one begins to enjoy the scenery; when it came to the 7th and 8th day of class, I reached the summit and found the course very enlightening, it made me thoroughly understand how Qigong brings me good health and how health relates to my whole life. Reaching the top of the mountain broadened my horizons, the whole world was under my eyes, it was stunning, I could see the whole map, the path ahead and the directions. On the last day of the course, we had a clear picture of our life map, we got to know how to maintain good health through Qigong. If our organs can function properly and smoothly, then we can keep ourselves in a good mood, maintain clear thinking, and wisdom will slowly bloom, and so we will be able to enjoy a higher quality, healthier and happier life. During the course, I saw that many participants experienced physical changes and had very wonderful feelings, completing the course with gratitude.
Amazing Human Body Deserves to be Well Treated
The course taught me how to circulate Qi to open up the conception and governor vessels, enhancing metabolism and circulation. I also understood how various organs work together, the lungs, the spleen, the stomach, the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the brain all are interrelated. After I deeply understood the connection of the human body system, I found how amazing the human body was. For example, a person’s blood vessels are long enough to go around the world more than twice. Among all the human’s inventions, is there a machine with the wires long enough to go around the world more than twice? When we buy a luxury car or watch, we do take good care of it, but we always neglect to take good care of our body, the bad habits we have in daily life slowly hurt this great structure, resulting in the imbalance of the internal organs and health problems, such as unstable heartbeat and high blood pressure which make you feel irritable and bad. If you cannot calm your mind when you sleep at night, your brain has no time to rest which affects the quality of sleep. When you wake up the next day, you will have no energy, patience and focus, your work efficiency, productivity, interpersonal relationships and physical function will all be affected well, forming a vicious circle.
In the Qigong course, the instructor Budiman showed us a detailed picture of human body structure and explained how the inner parts work in detail, it made me feel respectful and grateful for my body. I am very grateful that my body has taken care of me for so many years, but I didn’t know how to treat my body well in the past. After that, I began to pay more attention to my health. I adjusted my mind, breath, and meditation, I had peace in my mind and heart. In the past, I ate quickly and ate a lot, I always ate until I was very full. Now I am used to eat slowly, I don’t have to deliberately control how much I eat, but I will naturally stop eating when I am around 70% full. My digestive system has been improved by practicing Qi. Through practice, my tight muscles have been relieved and my flexibility has been improved. As my metabolism has been boosted, I lost 6lbs in 8 days. My sense of smell and taste have also become stronger. My sleeping quality has been improved also, I have more deep sleep each night, feeling great every single day.
Private Class for Friends
The day after my classmates and I finished the course, We immediately confirmed with the instructor for launching the next private class 3 weeks later. There were 20 people signed up in half a day, the class was full in just 2 to 3 days. Thank you so much for the support and trust in us. I hope that everyone will have a great harvest from the course, also spread and pass it to others, let more people have the opportunity to receive the gift of life, living a healthier and happier life.


氣功課程體驗分享 -CAREY
沒有健康 一切徒然
健康就是「1」,是一個多位數中的第一個數字,很多人每天勞碌拼搏,為的就是賺取一些「1」後面 的「0」,無論你賺到多少個「0」,要是沒有前面 的「1」,多少個「0」都沒有意義和價值。 這個氣 功課程就是協助大家把「1」,也就是健康,扎下穩固的根基,讓你日後有更大的力量去為拼搏,賺取 更加多的「0」,提高你生活的幸福指數。
這次我向大家推薦的氣功課程,並不只是教授氣功,因為教授課程的導師 Budiman 是一名有豐富醫 學知識和經驗的西醫,所以我收穫的並不只是氣功知識,還有對人體運作和健康有了更透徹的了解, 令我人生大大受益。一個小分享,課程最難的地方就是一:安排時間上課,二:專注力聽課和練氣, 三:安排時間勤奮練習,達成三點就必能成功。
攀上山峰 收穫滿滿
氣功課程為期 8 天,連續 8 天每天上課 6 小時。這上課模式大家聽上去都會覺得很累,很多人初 時都說自己的日程排不到,但到最後也能安排到,才能接收到這份珍貴的人生禮物。可能你會問為什 麼要密集式連續 8 天上課,不能每週或每月上一課嗎?這個課程就好像一個登山旅程,你的心路經 歷,你的眼角視野,都會隨着你每天連貫的課程變得越來越精彩,中間不能停頓。
不少同學都覺得上頭三天的課程比較苦悶疲累,就像大家登山從山腳開始,覺得路途遙遠、漫長乏味; 到第四至六天就開始發現趣味,越來越投入,如同走到山腰時,就開始欣賞到一些沿途美景;到第七、 八天課程的尾聲,就進入了高峰,非常有啟發性,讓我清晰看到氣功如何帶來健康、健康如何關連到 整個人生。登上了山的頂峰廣闊了視野,整個世界都在我眼簾下,美麗至極,看到了整個地圖,前路 和方向。課程最後一天,我們明白到整個人生版圖,如何好好透過氣功養生,讓五臟六腑可以運作順 暢,那麼就能維持好心情,保持清晰的思考模式,智慧就會慢慢開花,從而擁有更加高質、更健康快 樂的人生。課程期間看到很多同學都經歷了奇妙的感覺和身體變化,最後抱着感恩的心結束。
人體奧秒 善待身體
課程讓我學懂了如何運氣,打通任督二脈,增加身體新陳代謝及循環;也深入了解人體各個器官的運 作非常奧秒,由肺、脾胃、心臟、肝、腎,再到大腦環環相扣,互相影響。當我深入了解人體系統之 關連後,我感受到人體構造的偉大,例如人體內的血管足以圍繞地球兩周,人類的發明之中,試問有 機器設計能精細得可以裝入足以圍繞地球兩周的電線嗎?我們買車買錶,都會用心保養,卻忽略了保 養自己這偉大的身體,在日常生活中逐漸累積的壞習慣,慢慢傷害這個偉大的構造,五臟六腑運作失 去平衡,身體出現不適,例如心跳不穩、高血壓,導致你急躁、情緒不好,晚上睡覺時思緒不能平靜, 大腦就沒有時間休息,影響睡眠質素。第二天起來時就沒有精神、耐性,不能專注,繼而影響到你工 作效率、生產力、人際關係和身體機能,成為一個惡性循環。
在氣功課程中,導師 Budiman 展示了精細的人體圖,並詳細的講解人體內部運作,令我對自己身體 產生了尊敬及感恩的心。很感謝身體照顧了我這麼多年,但我過往卻不懂得去做對身體有益的事情,之後我很自然就更關注自己的健康,調心、調息、調念,令我思緒及心情都變得平和,對自己身體心 存感恩。透過練氣,我的消化系統得到改善。過往我吃東西比較急和快,食量較大,往往吃到很飽才會停下來;現在我開始自然慢慢咀嚼,大 約吃到 7 分飽就自然己會停下來,不必刻意控制食量。透過練習,我 的筋骨也鬆了很多,整個人都變得更靈活。新陳代謝提升了,在沒有做運動的情況之下,經過 8 天的 課程,我體重減輕了 6 磅。我的嗅覺和味覺亦變得更敏銳,同時睡眠質素也提升了,可達至深層睡眠, 糊精神好了,整個人感覺煥然一新。
包辦私課 廣傳分享
在我和同學們完成課程後翌日,就立即和老師確定了 3 星期後的下一場私人班日期,很高興不消半天 就已有 20 人加入,在兩三天內就額滿了。感謝大家對我們的信任,希望大家都在課程中有大大的收 穫,將來也能把得到的幫助擴大給更多的人,讓大家都獲得這份人生禮物,收穫更健康、快樂和幸福 的人生。