Testimonial 36 – Vanessa Wong

Vanessa Wong joined Circulation of Qi for Health virtual class online via Zoom
11 – 18 October, 2021, Class of P322, in English Language.
Below is her testimonial.
Thank you Vanessa.

Qi Inside Me

Hi Master Budiman,

Thank you for leading us to this fascinating journey of Qi!

I have always been curious about mental health and the magic of the human brain. My anxiety problem began in 2019. I thought my life was falling apart. I would have panic attacks and it was very frustrating. I felt like I was surviving, not living. I started doing yoga meditation to help calm my anxiety, and to lower the chances of having unexpected episodes in public. Eventually I got better through meditating, along with my regular yoga practice. But since then, I have always wondered about how it made me feel better, and the science behind it. My fascination about mental health began to grow, and I started to ask questions about “Life”.

Taking this Qi class was a life changing experience. At first, I thought this was just a breathing class that teaches you Chinese meditation techniques, and some research about it. But it actually opened the door to the world for me. Master Budiman explained the importance of Qi related to our physical body, the connection between Qi and our mental health, and how Qi reflects the meaning of Life. Everything was not only backed up by modern scientific facts, but also by the perspective from Traditional Chinese Medicine and its philosophy. His lectures are so detailed and exciting, I did not want to miss a minute of it. I now understand the power of our body and mind hold, and the secret to becoming stronger physically, and mentally. I began to look at my body differently after taking this class. I can now truly love my body; from head to toe, on the outside and on the inside. By practicing Qi diligently, the possibility of it leading me to a brighter, longer life is so hopeful!

I feel as if I have found The key of Life, and it is Qi. I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Master Budiman. I can enjoy life with a positive attitude, knowing that Qi will always be inside giving me strength.

Thank you Master Budiman for answering all my questions in class! You expanded my curiosity and knowledge about the magnificent world of wellness. I look forward to living my happy, healthy life!

With gratitude,