Testimonial 38 – Dr Brigit Heinisch-Rochert

Dr Brigit Bernadette Heinisch-Röchert joined Circulation of Qi for Health virtual class online via Zoom
14 – 21 November, 2021, Class of P324, in English Language.
Below is her testimonial.
Thanks to Dr. Brigit for sharing your personal experience in joining our training.

Qi Inside Me

I’m Birgit from Berlin, Germany (born in Vienna, Austria). I am a medical doctor and have been working at University Clinic of Vienna, doing a lot of research for about 10 years. Then moving to Berlin 8 years ago. I’m a specialist for internal medicine – 100% western school-medicine – but also functional and mitochondrial medicine, which also means medicine on a biochemical level. A bit “out of the box”, additionally with a kind of holistic approach. I want to see “the whole human” (human as a whole), neither only observing organs nor only treating symptoms.

I found out that there is a lot more to take a look at than laboratory parameters and measurements.

By personal experience and needs I am finding new things that I want to learn and to do, Budiman’s “Circulation of Qi for Health” was one of it. And – it was an absolutely amazing, magical, and emotional journey that had a lot of impact on me.

And also getting to know Budiman was truly a personal enrichment for me as he is a so warmhearted, patient and energetic person and he combines western science with eastern traditional medicine and learnings.

Budiman is a genius in person and in his teaching.

I am very very glad to have done this class. For me it was like a rainbow on the sky. 

Thank you, dear Budiman. I am already missing our daily get-together. 🙏🏼


Dr. med. univ. Birgit Bernadette Heinisch-Röchert
Specialist in internal medicine specializing in functional and orthomolecular medicine.